Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Mental Health Moment~

(Miss Rhianna in her 'Namaste' tank top by moi.)

Okay...just taking a little break from:

~painting lily pads...
~the sound of two little girls and one little boy clunking around in high heels.
~dishes, and half eaten grill cheese sandwiches...and not crying over the spilled milk.
~listening to a timely conversation about who is and isn't a poo-head. (Apparently,I'm NOT one right now...but I may be uninvited from a birthday party or two if I keep insisting on help with cleaning up. Of course, not to worry, because I'll be reinvited as soon as it's baking time. Whoever gets to crack the egg will be loving me!)
~dog hair dust bunnies...and last, but certainly not least...
~various renditions of Miley Cyrus and High School Musical on the karaoke machine.(Note to self: It's your own fault for buying them.:)'s Wednesday. Happy Hump Day...only two more days till the long weekend. :) (I'm thinking of that old Seinfeld episode...Serenity now...serenity now...)



daisies said...

serenity now .. serenity now ... serenity now .. i could sure use some as i have 2 more days of work until my vacation time, woo ... making a big dent in what needs to happen here but feeling the stress ..

serenity now :)

happy humpday beautiful you, xo

Kirsten Michelle said...

thanks for putting a smile on my face, sweetie.xo

Brandi said...

I adore her pink tanktop!!!

I agree that those poo-poo head conversations are very important. ;-) pecking order and all.

smith kaich jones said...

I love this photo.

Don't forget that it was "serenity now - insanity later". LOL!

:) Debi

Sacred Suzie said...

Did you make that tanktop?! I want one! It's so lovely and so is she...and you!

I think letting go of guilt is an essential lesson of life women really need to learn. Here's to making it a reality!

enchantedartist said...

Thank you Suzie. I did make it. I'm sending you a little email.:)

silverstarsanctuary said...

Just found your blog via Suzie. I love it and your artwork! Fabulous. My daughter and I tried meditating last night before bed but it lasted the typical 30 seconds (she's 3) but it's a start right? :)

Jaime said...

This is adorable! Even the dog hair dustbunnies. What a sweet little post.
I seriously think you should be developing your own line of children's clothing. You have so much beautiful talent, my friend.


Sacred Suzie said...

I just had to come back and marvel at that shirt again, it's so lovely. I hope your letting go ceremony went well!