Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~Happy Girl~

I am a happy girl, oh yes I am! I recieved a package of sunshine, and goodness yesterday...Now, McCabe's lovely rocks are gracing my other sea 'treasures' on my kitchen window sill...Other good things...* Newly printed business cards, and brochures for this weekend's auction...and not feeling too weird about doing a little self-promotion. (A little weirdness is a good thing, right?)

* Reminding myself that as long as I feel healthy, and can move my body anyway I want then I really have nothing to complain about...

* Our gorgeous apple trees, and their gorgeous blossoms of raging colour.

* Being excited about the archeological dig that I get to go on this uncover the herbs in my herb garden. Honestly, my flowerbeds are all suffering major quack-attacks...(As in good old 'quack grass'.) Plus, I can finally plant my veggie garden, now that the rains have finally stopped. (Touch wood!)

* Being equally excited about ideas for a new series of children's paintings I am also going to start this weekend...Cowgirl Mermaids!

* Sitting down sometime this weekend to watch P.S. I Love You. My sister-in-law guarantees I'll be bawling my eyes out. (Well, alright...bring it on!)

* Playing my guitar on the front porch...softly, so the neighbors don't hear.

* Kids that drive me mental, but that I can't help but love them to death...

* My furry-faced husband. Even though we both dance to two very different tunes,at the end of the day we always find our toes curled up together under the covers.

* The fact that all these about a million more can't help but fill my heart with light...

Have a beautiful weekend...


pERiWinKle said...

This is beautiful! Like a morning getting up, opening the curtains to a bright and sunny day! Light and fresh and greatful!

I should play the guitar at your loudest...and sing at the top of your that EVERYBody can hear...

I think you should just jump into the beds and clean them up to make space for more beautiful growth!

I think you should be mad with your them a bit crazy!

I should be proud and YOURSELf this weekend when you promote you...just be yourself!

I are one of the blessings in my life! xx

pERiWinKle said...

PS: I love you :-)

PPS: You are going to cry as if it is the end of this world...and then you are going to love your husband till the end of days! xx

Brandi said...

this is strawberry sunshine.

Jaime said...

*giggle* archaeological dig (did I spell that right??)...I wish I could have a veggie garden so much! Some day I will own a little house somewhere with my very own raspberry bushes..among other tasty things.

Your business cards look wonderful!! And so does your little girl...what a sweetie pie.

Sweet Celeste,have a warm and sunshiney weekend, filled with soft outdoor music and tear jerking movies (it's a good one)....and lots and lots of soil!

Much love

Del said...

Your writings are as lovely as you are. Everytime I read your blog I want more!
mother-in-law, Delly

daisies said...

your newly printed cards look amazing!! : ) i want to see that movie ... maybe next weekend :)

hope your weekend was beautiful, xo