Monday, May 19, 2008

~Treading Softly~

(My flip-flop feet in the woods...with sweet Cooter.)

This weekend was a definite mixed bag...emotionally speaking...First,I had a call from a woman on Thursday night, who wanted to use my front porch for wedding photos on Saturday. I was more than happy to do it...even though it meant me getting up brutally early Saturday morning to decorate it. One of my absolute favorite things to do when the weather gets warm is to make my porch all comfy for us to hang out on summer nights...It's lovingly referred to as our 'outdoor living room'...and it's different every year...

(Come on over for tea! ox)

On Friday, I got offical word that I have been accepted into the Yoga Teacher Program that I had applied too. I am very excited! This is the first step to a dream I have of teaching yoga and art to children...and adults. I start in the by this time next year I will be certified...and ready to go!

We then went camping out at my in-law's place. I had the most beautiful, meditative walks with my dogs. You know the kind of walk where with each breath, with each step on your path your are reminded to be be present? There is a heightened sense of connection as your feet make contact with the solid ground beneath you... I noticed every sunlit leaf on every tree...the shape of every wispy cloud in the gorgeous blue sky...every new little wildflower beginning to bloom in the ditches...heard every bird singing... I was reminded that I am a part of all this beauty around me.

I also had a rare opportunity to just sit and talk with my mother-in-law. And though we talked of a subject that neither of us were happy about, I think just spilling out the words brought us both a little bit of peace. I know it did me, anyway.
(Jenny and Rhianna. xoxo)

I also had time to hang out with my kids and my little niece, Jenny...
(My beautiful boy...Joe)
And I also managed to capture an image of my 'camera-shy'love...definitely not an easy thing to do! :)
(Love you Jon!)

Then this afternoon, I went to work planting my kitchen garden...I am never so happy as when I'm up to my elbows in dirt! And so...strawberries...herbs...and some butterfly attracting perennials have found a new home beneath my kitchen window...

We packed a lot of love...and fun into these three days! What did you do? I hope you had a great weekend following your heart's desires...


daisies said...

we also packed a lot of love into this weekend :) my garden is planted, i shot a wedding, my flowers are planted, my lawn is maintenanced and my heart is full ... my muscles are sore and my body is tired but i feel like a million dollars :)

so glad your weekend was beautiful and full and filled with love, xo

Jaime said...

Yay! You were finally able to get knee deep into fluffy chocolate cake mix soil!

I am so absolutely loving your little outdoor living room. I have always dreamed of having a little porch space like that to read and drink tea and putter my mornings around in.

Love to you

Jeanne said...

Everything you share is so sweet and special.
Love Jeanne

PixieDust said...

This sounds like bliss!!!!


Your little ones are so sweet, and your hubby so huggable! sounds like heaven, mi Amor...


Dandelion seeds said...

*sigh* lovely, just lovely!!! And what a beautiful family you guys have! I totally know what you are talking about on meditative walks...I love those.

gkgirl said...

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