Monday, November 3, 2008

(Morning for larger.)

At my last weekend of school, our Buddhism/Hinduism philosophy teacher spoke again of 'collective karma'...that force that seemingly brings complete strangers together out of the blue. She reminded us again that this path...this life shift that we are on together chose us...and not the other way around. I do believe this...there is a very definate feeling inside when you find yourself drawn so strongly to something. I know to some, this whole concept might seem a little esoteric, but really if we open our eyes to is everywhere...of's right here in our blogging world.

I have been sitting a lot with my feelings...and fears lately in my early morning meditations. Doesn't that sound self-indulgent? It hasn't been all that pretty...but the more I do it, the more I notice subtle changes...Joy is slowly shining her light in those darkest of corners. And so, in that spirit, here are some things I am throwing out here today...nothing original...mostly just a reminder to myself...

*Life's beauty is in every breath...every body... whether you are writing a novel...saving a life...sipping your morning coffee... or homeless pushing a shopping cart through the city streets searching for bottles. You might not see it or believe it, but it's there...

*Everyone has the right to their own ideas and beliefs...Not just you...EVERYBODY. And it's okay if someone's views are different from's actually a good thing.

*Keep making mistakes...just stop tripping over the same shit...

*Smile...especially to yourself, first thing in the morning...

*The greatest gift we can give each other is compassion...

*Giving of oneself breeds happiness...Need proof? Do it!

*It's okay to leave the dishes and laundry until later to do a little karaoke with the kids.


*Twirl (Thank you Dar! :)


*and last, but not least, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!



daisies said...

yes yes yes :) its all so very simple really and i wonder why we try and make it so complicated ... beautiful reminders, xoxox

Sacred Suzie said...

Eat your veggies, LOL. I believe this message for sure! And your morning altar is absolutely glorious. Thank you for sharing the wisdom with us.

Jaime said...

As long as there are no brussels sprouts on my plate!

Love love love these sweet little nuggets of wisdom.

And did I tell you how much I adore your living space?

Thank you, beautiful you.

solsticedreamer said...

oh yes! i really must learn to smile at myself.

pERiWinKle said...

Oh yes! smile at yourself...:-)

But here is a huge smile just for you! xx

Brandi said...

I keep coming back to this post because that photo just automatically gives off a feeling of such serenity.

I take a deep breath every time I see it.

Joan said...

Girlfriend, you are so on the right page.
I stand with you in spirit and walk with you in love... and I promise to eat my veggies :)


julochka said...

i've been traveling and am now catching up on my blog reading...this was just such a beautiful and perfect post for a monday morning. now i feel i can face my week with open eyes and an open heart. thank you!!!

Joan said...

hello, happy Tuesday!!

Just stopping by because I am thinking of you :)

Oh, and your doggies too :0

I can see you smiling today all the way from here!

hugs to you xoxo

smith kaich jones said...

First I must disagree with Jaime - brussel sprouts are the best!! :) Their own little nuggets of wonderfulness. So I have achieved loving veggies and allowing someone else to think differently than I think. LOL!

This is a terrific post. It is nice to know I should keep making mistakes - I do that so well! And truly, not the same ones over & over.

:) Debi

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Isn't it just so nourishing to meet someone and know for sure that they're a member of your soul tribe? For me personally, those folks are always questioners, seekers, lovers of complexity and other people, always pushing themselves to the next level on their journeys.

Sandra Evertson said...

Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh.....I LOVE this post!
And that photo is so soothing, so peaceful, so full of possibilites.
You rock! Keep sharing your inspiring thoughts!
*hugs and're it!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful post!
I love your thoughts, I am smiling.
Thank you.

Uncommon Depth said...

I like all these, but especially this one: "Keep making mistakes...just stop tripping over the same shit...".

Found you through Daisies blog. I'm in Alberta too.

Anonymous said...

Your morning alter is so peaceful.