Monday, November 24, 2008

(My non-doubting daughter near Kaslo B.C. this summer...:)

I have been thinking a lot about doubt lately...How many of us have let it spin wildly out of control to the point where it we find ourselves spiralling into the pit of fear...

Do you doubt yourself? Do you wonder what you're really capable of? I do...maybe a bit too much at times. Deep down, I believe that human beings are capable of pretty much anything if we don't doubt ourselves. I do believe that everyone of us that contributes something positive to this world makes it a better place for everyone on it...but the same holds true on that negative flip-side. If we give doubt the power it can literally cripple us...emotionally...spiritually...physically...

This morning, I'm feeling very heavy, as I see what is happening in our world. I know there are philosophical beliefs that say there are no such thing as bad people...but how full of fear, and hate does one's heart have to be to commit such horrendous acts? I'm sorry, but this is a very hard concept for me to swallow. I also know there are many, many good things going on too...but I struggle with trying to understand it all...

Coincidentally, Rhianna and I had a little mom and daughter field trip scheduled at the Hindu temple in Calgary this Sunday with my yoga class. She excitedly mentioned it again this morning at breakfast...and it just made me smile. Something that Rhianna has been from the moment she could understand, is fascinated by other cultures, and people around the world. To see her craving knowledge about how they live...what they eat...what they wear...what they just does a mom's heart good. As I watch her grow...and love...and learn, I can see that she,and the millions and millions of other beautiful little souls out there, are going to keep on doing great things for this planet of doubt about it.:)


Sacred Suzie said...

Caring about other cultures is a beautiful thing to see in a child! She sounds like a people person for sure and oh my, isn't she just the cutest?

I know, I don't even turn on the TV or radio much these days, so dark and depressing.

I think we should definitely stop doubting and start doing!

Jaime said...

Dear Celeste, despite all of the horrible things going on around the world, we must stay with the good..with the love...stay with the innocence and curiosities of the younger souls who haven't been jaded by the darkness. You have such a bright light shining on you from that sweet little girl. She has certainly brightened my day too!

So much love to you

Tamsie said...

Your post struck a note in my soul. I too ponder the "why" of violince in our world. Have we really evolved? I keep returning to Ghandi, Be the change you want to see in the world... It would be a huge leap for our world to stop violence. If we cannot get our kids to stop shooting each other how can we get nations to?
Growing up my parents exposed me to different cultures, the arts and history. This shaped the way I view the world. I am ever so thankful for the broader view of life I was given as a child.

Tamsie said...

PS> Maybe I could learn to use Spell Check in this life :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I really, really LOVE this post! Your little girl is so enlightened. What a wonderful mom you are to expose her to other cultures, etc.
It's true I think, that children have acceptance and love in their hearts and haven't been affected by the "world's" views yet.
They are pure of mind and know no hatred or discrimination. It's too bad that many adults don't learn from their example.
Adorable pic!

julochka said...

it is hard to keep our chins up when the news is full of bad things on a daily basis, but i think you're right, the children of the world will carry on, whatever shape it's in when they get it..and i think they'll do just fine too.

very thoughtful post, thank you!

Brandi said...

oh I struggle to understand the horrible acts we committ against each other too.

I don't know that I will understand in this lifetime but I do know that for every instance of hate I can think of, there are two instances of love.

for example: a friend of mine just adopted a golden retriever that was dropped off at a shelter WHILE IN LABOR. And she was heart worm positive.

I can't even wrap my head around the callousness of that person.

But one kind soul kept the dog with her puppies for 8 weeks so she could nurse them and then another kind soul kept her for 8 weeks so she could be treated for-and recover from-heartworm.

and now she is in a home where she is loved.

and I have to hold on to those acts of kindness or I drive myself nuts.

Joan said...

Oh, fear and doubt... I know those lieing thieves so well.
If we could only grasp that the light of our heart and our spirit is so much more powerful than they, and that we possess every beautiful trait that is more than capable of crushing them and sending them reeling back into the darkness where they belong.
You my most beautiful and tenderhearted friend are a light bearer and a keeper of the gate, and with that knowledge there is no mountain too high, no valley too deep.
We are more than conquerers you and I!!
Happy wonderous December to you and to your little light too :)

solsticedreamer said...

it sounds like she is already a very together little soul and i just know there are more out there to help our world along when can no longer do so :)