Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine...

(I shall preface this post by warning you that it's not all that exciting. :-)

(Baby clothes I made from vintage linens.My daughter outgrew these long ago.)

How are you? I guess I've been in one of those funky, transitional places. I've felt quiet...very quiet. But things are shifting. Especially creatively. You know that old ebb and flow...well, most definitely the tide is coming back in I am happy to say. I have been working like a wild woman around my home trying to get a handle on our clutter. I love how the moment to create space, you can breathe a little easier, don't you? (That sounds like the kind of line a yoga teacher would use. :-)

So last weekend it was the basement. We took five bags of fabric, and clothing to a local charity shop. Then on Wednesday I tackled my laundry room/ sewing room...and yesterday my studio. Another few bags of donations. Oh ya!

I am falling in love with my space all over again. I find this important because I both work, and live here. (Okay, let's just say I'm home a bit too much.) All this work has freed me to begin the oh-so long list of winter re-decorating projects that I've made...although I guess I will scratch off painting my studio robin's egg blue after my husband reminded me how fun it is to paint over red.

My favorite spot in my house right now is our dining area just off our kitchen. The footprint of the original kitchen was about 5x11...basically a closet. When we renovated we couldn't really expand the space any other way except to add on. So the actual working part of the kitchen is in it's original location, but we added a dining space/entryway. The garden doors flood it with light. It's furnished with cheap or free furniture and antiques...and my art...and a couple of weeks ago I strung coloured lights all along the perimeter. So, I thought I'd just share a few pictures on the gloriously sunny Friday...

One of my favorite things is the stacked antique butter boxes for shoe cubbies. The rustic benches were built by Jon using scrap wood, and the laundry room door is a salvaged front door from a house here in town.

Now I'm thinking that I could use some lovely Fiesta about eight different colours...Hmmmm...maybe one day. In the mean time, feel free to come by for tea anytime.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend...xo


abby jenkins said...

I wish I could come by for tea, I am just happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

I adore your home, that floor is so wonderful!

smith kaich jones said...

Oh Lordy. I am in the exact opposite place and there is stuff everywhere. I began to clean up my art space this a.m. and piled stuff on my drawing table without locking it in place and my cat jumped on it and WHAM! Stuff everywhere - a jillion beads all over the place, a broken antique bowl, a mad me, a sad kitty. Set the tone for the day with photos to be taken - LOL! - and I am done at last & will spend the evening on the couch watching Chocolat, wishing I lived in a little houseboat. And visualizing some of your energy over to me. :)


Uncommon Depth said...

Your dining area looks like something out of Better Homes & Gardens. I love it. Wish I could do something as eclectic and charming in our own home!

Kirsten Michelle said...

can't wait for the day i come to tea, beautiful mama.xo ;-)

daisies said...

i have been doing much the same over here :-) room by room bit by bit am getting there ... and if you can believe it, even the top of the fridge is cleared away !!

if i ever have a free weekend again, am popping by for tea. in the meantime, we should have telephone tea and chat sometime in the near future :-) xoxox

Laura Hegfield said...

Oh how clutter overwhelms me! And space, the final frontier...allowing us to better explore our selves and discover peace outside and inside!

Yes indeed! EXPANSIVE breath of out...then in again!

Christina said...

i adore these photos!
and you are very welcome for the postcard.~
i loved visiting here.

PixieDust said...

eeeeeeee! I love your home! So beautiful... what I wouldn't give to be sitting at your table enjoying a cup of tea with one of those muffins!



Tammie Lee said...

tea sounds wonderful!
i love remembering when you were going to school to be a yoga teacher and now you are! Your home is lovely and the sun really shows it off. I hope your de-cluttering rubs off on me. My cabin is so tiny and has a business in it too, yikes. Thank you for your visit, I am always happy when you pop by!

megg said...

What a beautiful home!! I wish so much I could come and sit in that sunny off-the-kitchen room and sip tea and giggle with you -

sigh! Maybe some day!

Jaime said...

What I wouldn't give for a house with ~garden doors~.

Oh I wish I wish I wish.

Your home is so cozy...and adorable.