Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Views...Day 3

So this will be a pretty lame little post...:) We changed our internet and phone provider today, so I've been working out all the little quirks and kinks that go along with that, which can be exhausting if you're not very technologically savy.

All I managed today was a reference photo for a painting I want to do...but mostly, I just wanted to show off my new red hair...I've alway wanted to try being a spicy red head...and I'm lovin' it, and so is Jon...:)

Tomorrow my camera is going to go for a little adventure around town, but for now it's off to bed...'Night.

Oh, and my brand new email


Brandi said...

that is one seriously amazing photo-the angle, the perspective, the contemplative look on your face.


Joan said...

Boy, have I heard some spicy stories about women and their torrid red hair :)
You look beautiful of course!!
*wow... wow... wow*

and as a sidenote, I too had computer woes... but alas, my hair is still a shade of eggplant.
You brave hot mama you!!!

Del said...

December views

does that mean you post everyday in December. Hope so, I love to read your blogs. They bring me somewhat peace of mind.
your mother-in-law

pERiWinKle said...

I thought this was a photo of a blog i have never visited...and what a gorgeous girl!!! Then I saw your photo on the right...and I had to look again!
YOu are GOrGeous!!!! It suits you and you look 20 years old!!!
Love the angle of the photo!!!
Yummie you!!! xx

Tammie Lee said...

Red hair, what fun. My mother is a red head... I love it when I see folks with red hair, it might just be my favorite and it suits you so well, beautiful!

daisies said...

i was a red head for about 15 years, sigh ... and then i spotted a couple of silver hairs and so have gone au natural and no more silver. i miss the red and even more so now after seeing how absolutely freaking amazingly cute it looks on you!!


yay you!!

and what a fantastic perspective you have self-portraited here.

much love, xo

solsticedreamer said...

what a goergeous photo!!! and red suits you so much, very exoctic and so mysterious!