Friday, December 19, 2008

December Views....Walking around the house with my coffee this morning...

And now for Bohemian Mom's Christmas Meme

1. Do you celebrate Christmas? Yule? Winter's Solstice? Hanukkah? All of them?
Well...Christmas and Yule loosely...There's no religious significance for us, but we treasure it as a time to to slow down, and enjoy just being together.

2. Name your favourite X-mas movie. Love Actually...and Christmas Vacation

3. Your best X-mas present ever? A bike...when I was nine.

4. Do you bake cookies? Or buy them? Bake

5. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Nine...when I busted my Grampa delivering the above mentioned bike to our house Christmas Eve. When I saw the 'Love Santa' tag on it Christmas morning the gig was up.

6. Your favourite X-mas food? Chocolate...and red wine...(I know that's not a 'food' per say...:)

7. Your favourite holiday tradition? We live in a very small town, and every year the volunteer fire department and a 'Santa' or two go around on the trucks going door to door wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve. We then go to my brother-in-laws and hang with my husband's family all night.

8. Giving gifts or getting them? Definitely giving...and I totally think the thought behind it counts...and just grabbing something because you feel you have to give someone something.... I've said I don't want any presents this year except some of my mother-in-laws crocheted cotton washcloths. I love those.

Please feel free to jump right on in with this...

Have a great weekend! I hope wherever you are is a hell of a lot warmer than where I am....


Uncommon Depth said...

Lovely shots. I have a handmade broom like the one you have on the mantle.

Brandi said...

oh that first pic is awesome!

Jane said...

Great post! Your mention of your first bike brought back the memory of mine. I got mine on Easter morning and I have a photo of me learning to ride it on Easter morning (in PJs with the easter basket attached to the front). Happy holidays!

PS: love the starfish!

Anonymous said...

Awesome answers!!
I am laughing at you "busting Grampa" and finding out there was no Santa - lol!
Your small town tradition sounds so heartwarming. It's so rare these days to hear of such personal stories - I love it!
And ohhhh, your pics are beautiful. The steamy windows show how cozy inside it is.

julochka said...

i love the wintery bluish light in the first two pictures.

hope you had a wonderful holiday!


floreta said...

you have a lovely house!

Jaime said...

What a cozy little nest you have.

I think my favourite thing I got for Christmas was my Easy Bake Oven..did you ever get one of those? My very own cakes with icing!

After seeing so many people in the blog world talk about Love Actually, I finally saw it about a month ago...and loved it!!