Monday, August 25, 2008

~My Love Affair With...

(Lovely Soil. Google photo)

DIRT. Yes,dirt. Years ago, as a little girl I became simply smitten. Not in a Snoopy's-Pigpen-Character kind of way. Nope. It was a deeply-appreciating-the-wonders-of-our-world kind of way. Digging in the dirt revealed little earthworm 'families', and rare magical 'gems'...treasures to be sure.

I was completely enamoured with how nestling a little seed in the ground mysteriously brought it to life. Somehow, together with the assistance of the rain...the guidance of the sun...I am gifted with the sweet...

(Yesterday's crop)

the scrumptuous...

(Almost ready.)

the healing...

(Pretty Chamomile...perfect tea.)

the just plain beautiful...

(Perennial loveliness)

With all this beauty comes,well, even more beauty. The butterflies...bumblebees..dragonflies...and, just the other day a hummingbird! (It took my breath away, as I've never seen on before in real life.)

I have no doubt that my childhood romance with dirt will last the rest of my life...especially after discovering...THIS!

(Cob Cottage in Oregon. Photo:Natural Home Magazine)

While researching sustainable, enviromentally friendly home options for our near future, Jon and I came upon this enchanting cottage. We both took one look, and said,"That's it. That's us!"

Right out of a fairytale, this little abode was handcrafted out of cob. Cob is a concoction of sand, water, straw,and....clay(aka.....Dirt! :)

There are centuries old examples of cob buildings in Britain, and other parts of Europe. They are becoming more and more common in British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest states. In fact, there are many places now where you go for workshops, and retreats to learn how to build them.

There are lots of benefits to using this building technique.
*Generally they are very inexpensive to build. (I've read 10.00 to 20.00 per square foot.)

*Highly energy efficient.

*Earth-friendly, because they are made of,, dirt.)

*Airy, and full of light


*Very little construction know-how needed...

*and my favorite benefit...CREATIVE...WHIMSICAL...FREE-SPIRITED...Each one is a work of ART! You can make almost any in furniture...funky windows, and doorways...secret knooks...I'm telling you it's as endless as imagination...

Of which I have a rather large one. :) So now we go to see a financial planner...and my sketchbook will get fat on ideas...for our home...guest cottages...Jon's yoga studio...gardens...and I live this moment by moment...until the time is right.

And yes, I know I am a total spaz. :)

Love to you...


Kip de Moll said...

Cob homes are growing big in Vermont too.

your art work is really good. I was thinking you could market them on this site as cards. I'd buy a pack.

Kip de Moll said...

Actually, I forgot I meant to comment on dirt:
At the age of 5, my father gave me a 20'x20 piece of the backyard and a shovel and allowed me to do anything I wanted. For the next 5 years, I kept myself (and sometimes my friends) busy digging holes, burying pipes, filing it up and digging out again. It was an amazing way to let the imagination roam. Only once did we play a dangerous game of burying one of us (stupidly me) alive. The rest of the time was good clean fun in the dirt.
I still enjoy digging today.

Sacred Suzie said...

Finally! An eco friendly home that doesn't look like an earth ship but something out of a children's book. It's wonderful and suits you perfectly! I will have to share this with my husband.

Look at your amazing garden! Oh it's so beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing it with us.

P.S. I'm so excited about my shirt you have no idea! :)

smith kaich jones said...

ooooohhhhh . . . this is so cool!

:) Debi

daisies said...

i love it :) i also love that you are such a cute spaz, tee hee

i have only recently come to love dirt though i did flirt with mud as a child ... we recently became enamoured with houses built out of tires and dirt, totally sustainable and like cob homes can be built any way you desire ... must do some research on the cob homes now :)

mmmm ... your raspberries look delicious!!


Jaime said...

I share your love affair with soil. I love the fresh earthy scent, especially after a rain...and to think that you can actually live in a house made of earthy things, how wonderful! I can't wait to see what you manifest, you beautiful creative creature you!

solsticedreamer said...

oh your berries look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and as for that house! even more gorgeous!
we have two cobb cottages about 100 metres from us~they are both around 300 years old and fascinated me as a child, they still do!

Tammie Lee said...

I love this post on dirt! Where would we be without it, full of treasures indeed. Also that house of whimsy is wondrous! I would also feel it a dream come true to live in a house like this.May your dream house come true. Fun to have found your blog, you and your Canada images!

Brandi said...

OMG I want that house. Like serious!!!!

thank you for sharing your lovely relationship with dirt. :-) I'm a dirt girl myself.

Suzanne said...

Ah dirt, who doesn't love dirt and the fun it is swirling around your toes and through your fingers.
Actually our family tend to like mud a lot as well.
Hope you don't mind me commenting, I popped over from Carols Blog.

Michelle said...

Ohhh, I love it, off to google cob building!

AwtemNymf said...

I loved moon pies *winks*
Beautiful post- you moved me!

megg said...

it's absolutely perfect - charming, whimsical, delicious - perfect! I wish you this perfect, perfect house!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos... is the apple tree in your garden?

I'm hoping to plant one in my back garden this coming year. My Magnolia Tree which I planted is doing very well, so I have hopes for an apple tree too.