Monday, June 23, 2008

Yoga and meditation have become such vital aspects of my life...My pulse quickens when I flip my mat out on my bedroom floor and light my candles. It is this feeling I hope to bring to the people in my classes next spring...

When I was filling out my application for the instructor's program I was a little surprised by the deeply personal questions on it. One in particular caught me off guard...What has been your greatest life challenge, and how have you overcome it? It was the fact that I'd never even asked myself that question...and felt that I should have that struck a nerve.

I sat with this, and searched for an answer for about a week. I mean, we all face so many things both internally, and externally throughout our lives. In the end, I poured out onto that page what I felt was my most thoughtful, and soul-searched response...and sent it off to some complete stranger's hands...

Then last night I did something else that I've never done before. I attempted Bakasana(or Cranes Pose)for the first time. I've always looked at those arm balances as way to difficult...unachievable. I mean, were they serious? A normal, average person is going to be able to balance her body up in the air...on her arms? For sure I'd end up on my face...or worse with a broken wrist.

Yet, something last night told me to just go for it. And so, carefully...slowly...I followed each step...and as I gingerly tipped my torso forward, my feet left the arms straightened...and I was there! I was relaxed...and overjoyed at the same time. There was absolutely no fear...just love for this body, mind, and spirit coming together to achieve yet one more thing that those gremlins had been saying couldn't be done.

There are so many of us that seem more comfortable with living with our fears and doubts. In these past few years I have really learned that the cost of that fear is just too high. Are you putting off following a dream? Are you unhappy with your job? Are you in a relationship that doesn't work...but aren't sure how to leave? The truth is everywhere you turn... Shedding what is holding you back, and causing you unhappiness can only bring you joy, and health in the end. Think of how you feel when you are doing something you are passionate about. It's fantastic, isn't it?

Now in my mind, I have a little list of unconquered fears...and I was going to mention a few of them here...but I'm not. Somehow, I think that gives them more I will wait until I've moved past the next one...when it becomes just a shadowy little ghost hanging around my psyche...

All of our tiny steps are taking us to our own uniquely beautiful places. :)



daisies said...

i so wish we lived closer because i would love to take a yoga class again and i would love to take one from you ...

your words here are so wise and i have to keep reminding myself, its a tricky road we walk as we attempt to conquer our fears but i will keep going with it :)

hugs and warmth
peace and light

Brandi said...

"All of our tiny steps are taking us to our own uniquely beautiful places. "

Jaime said...

Just imagine what we could do if fear didn't stand in the way!

I too would love to take a yoga class from you...especially if you make it out to Saltspring. I think you had mentioned this before?

I haven't been to my classes in a while, and I so loved going. Looking at that picture and reading your beautiful post makes me want to go a surprisingly strong way.

Thank you for the inspiration and for such a thought provoking post.


pERiWinKle said...

Little tiny dreams,
require little tiny thoughts
and little tiny steps.

Great big dreams
require great big thoughts
and little tiny steps.

Do I paint a clear picture?
The Universe

Guess what a life! requires???

tiny little steps.. thank you for the big glimpses into your heart and for sharing such tenderness.

Congratulations on your new pose!!! Must have feel amazing! xx

julochka said...

i really love this has it all...the triumph of achievement, overcoming fears, meditation on living a better life! fantastic! we do indeed need to shed what's holding us back, but so much seems to stand in the way sometimes. thanks for the reminder that that might all be in our minds...


Crayons said...

Hi Musings of Me
I'm visiting you via...I'm not sure whose blogroll. This post touched me so much. Menopause and anti-depressants have made me fat. Now, at the age of 50, I am *afraid* to take a yoga class again! Reading your account of approaching a challenging pose helped me feel like we are all working at our own level. You gave me confidence.

Kip de Moll said...

It was quite a surprise to get involved in Yoga and learn that the pose you describe (without arms extended) had come so naturally to me as a High School student warming up for soccer games. The body knows better than we do!
Once we let go, the terrifying abyss seems usually just to be a gentle and exhilerating ride, not all that much different from the stick place we were in, but accellerating towards a satisfied blissful new place. Yahoo!