Thursday, March 27, 2008

~Striking a Balance~

This is the painting that I have managed to get done this week. It makes me smile, because when I was painting it the whole time I was thinking about how much I wished I could be swimming in serenity with these girls.

The kids are on Spring break right now...which means I have a really full house! I've been tangled up in blanket forts...covered in paint...accidently sitting in blobs of multi-coloured homemade playdough. Baking cookies...building block towers...and seeing smiles...smiles...smiles! These little ones are SO sweet!

It hasn't left much time for anything else...yet I found balance. I have found a few scraps of time to do some Sun my guitar(On Top of Spaghetti). I am sure if I hadn't found a way to do this I'd not be sitting here at naptime on this Thursday afternoon...sane...and smiling!

(But PLEASE....PLEASE...PLEASE Weekend, could you hurry up and get here!!!!)

Peace and love to you...


Jaime said...

Sounds like you have been spending the week in a state of childlike comforting, isn't it? How I wish I could spend the afternoon building a fort out of my living room pillows, and hiding out for the day with milk and cookies! How wonderful :)
Love and hugs to you,

daisies said...

tee hee ... it all does sound pretty marvelous actually :)

but i too am really really looking forward to the weekend :) xoxox

PixieDust said...

Sounds like a handful - but oh so much fun!!!!


You play the guitar!! eeeeeee! You are such a talented lovely - and I adore this painting.


Carla said...

Lovely picture. I can understand how painting it would make you want to smile. Have a lovely weekend.

pERiWinKle said...

It's weekend Beautiful!!! It's weekend!!!!

Thinking of you...hear it is snowing there (again...)

ahhhh...a weekend.....yummie!!!!! xx

Joan said...

I smiled and then smiled some more when I read this post... I remember those days filled with a house full of little ones.

Everything was so magical and inspiring, so full of wonder... and just a bit of exhaustion!!

It sounds as if you have the balance thing and the everything else well under control...

Beautiful, creative, and a multi-tasker too?!

Celeste, just envisioning your day has made mine.

love to you!!

megg said...

giggle!!! I love that you are waiting for them to go back off of their break - how honest of you!!

beautiful painting!!!

Yoli said...

Beautiful, I hope you are having a great weekend.