Thursday, October 4, 2007

I was feeling inspired today. It just felt so good. This is a poem that I am going to turn into a children's book. The whimsical painting is one I did for Girls Incorporated of New Hampshire annual televised auction a couple of years ago. I called it 'The Tie That Binds'.

I felt most honoured to be asked to participate in this. Girls Inc. is a wonderful organization that empowers girls, and encourages developing a strong sense of self. This is a concept that is very important to me, having my own little girl.

When I was a little girl, I lived by the sea.
My Mama would come down to the beach,
To sit and daydream with me.

One day as we ventured along the rocky shore,
I spied something that I'd never glimpsed before.
A mermaid, and HER mama!
So beautiful, so serene,
With garlands of seashells in their hair,
That made them look like queens.

"Look mama!", I whispered. My Mama gasped amazed.
We watched them frolicking together,
Their tails fluttering like lace.

I giggled quietly to Mama, and thought to call,"Hello".
Mama softly shushed me,"We might frighten them. Let's leave them alone."
And so we watched them joyfully ride the swelling waves.
From our little driftwood hideaway, snuggled by our bay.

As quick as they came, they dove back down below.
And Mama said we'd better head back, it was time to go.
We hiked up our familiar path, Mama in the lead.
And as I glanced back out to sea,
The mermaid and her mama waved good-bye to me!

Celeste Johnston
Oct.4, 2007

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Del said...

Love the poem and it does read like a story. !