Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"5 Things I Want To Be When I Grow Up..."

I found a great post on another blog...if you could think of five things that you wanted to be when you grew up....what would they be...

Okay, here I go with my list....

1. Princess. Now, you should know that I am the most 'unprincess-like' girl, but this was a favorite fantasy of mine whenever I was grounded to my room. I was always sure that at any minute my 'real' parents...who of course, were the King and Queen of some imaginary country, would sweep into my room and whisk me away to my castle.(After I turned my impostor parents into toads, of course!).

2. Classical Guitarist. I just fell in love with the shear beauty of the guitar when I was about thirteen. I saved up a lot of babysitting money and purchased myself a brand-new shiny Yamaha classical guitar....then spent a lot more babysitting money on the lessons. I believe being a musician is a natural gift that you are born with. And although I didn't turn into Liona Boyd, I can tell you the little 'Contre Danse' that I can play brings me so much joy....as does listening to my fifteen year old son playing some Black Sabbath on his electric. He is a natural.

3. Singer. Now, this is something that I know I'm good at. In high school I put myself through voice lessons,and always did the solos in our dinner theatre shows. My most notable performance would have been my rendition of Cyndy Lauper's 'Time After Time' complete with purple and orange spray painted hair, and too many bangles on my wrists to count. Letting it all hang out in front strangers was never a problem, but put me in front of people I know, and I'm rendered a songbird without a voice. These days though, I have been known to turn into the 'Karaoke Queen' when plied with enough liquid courage. (Hmmm...perhaps I was a princess after all.)

4. Mom. I really think I was just born a mom. I am the oldest of four kids. I have three of my own now. I have loved every second of watching their personalities unfold before me...their gifts becoming apparent. Dylan, our oldest, is now fifteen. I love how he takes Jon and I back to our teenage years. I mentioned his musical prowess...he's an even more awesome athlete. Joe, is 10. He is our intellectual. Super smart...insatiable curiosity. Quiet, loving. Rhianna, our daughter,is 8 and a completely shameless extrovert. I love it! She and dances whenever and wherever she wants. She puts IT out there, and offers no apologies. She is who I would like to be.

I have also ran my own family dayhome for years. This has been wonderful for teaching my children to respect others, and empathy...and I love being surrounded by the positive energy that these little people bring.

5. You know once you get on a roll...it is hard to stick to five, but my fifth thing is (a drum roll, if you please)......Artist. And, I have, in fact become one. I like to think of it as my night job, or the one I squeeze in when I have five minutes too myself during the day. It has taken me awhile to figure out how to put what I am trying to communicate with my art. After a little soul-searching I can say, just the beauty of the human spirit...kindness...beauty...sensuality... the wide open boundless love we all possess.
I have sold quite a bit, but it is definitely secondary to the need to create.(That's not to say that I don't daydream about being a full-time artist someday.) I think creativity is the child in us that never grows up. Basically, paint and canvas= pure bliss and connection to my true self.

Other things I've dreamt of are yoga teacher(which I am pursuing.),poet, English professor....oh, and once I wanted to be a psychic....which unfortunately I'm just not. (I can, sort of read Tarot cards though...maybe that sort of counts?)


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