Friday, February 26, 2010

Just because....

It's Friday...and I'm feeling silly, and reflective at the same time...and because I found this meme on Deb's lovely blog, I thought I'd jump in on the fun...:-)

I am: a HUGE procrastinator
I think: well, I will call it abstractedly

I know: love is all that really matters.period.

I want: for really. Except for a little piece of land, with a tiny handmade home near the sea.

I have: a smile on my face

I dislike: insensitivity...and hearing cruel, thoughtless words coming out of people's mouths.

I miss: nothing

I fear: getting sick. Really sick.
I feel: content for the most part
I hear: children giggling as they play dress-up

I smell: nothing, because I don't really have a sense of smell.
I crave: simplicity

I usually: try to help wherever I can

I search: for balance. Well, I did...but I've since figured out that the best you can do is to go with the flow.

I wonder: if I will ever feel confident handling a camera...and when it will be warm enough to plant my garden

I regret: not getting my driver's liscence before 30

I love: laying in the grass on summer nights looking up at the stars

I care: sometimes too much

I am always: doing something...I can't sit still
I worry: not a whole lot

I remember: Maypole dancing when I was a little girl, on the front lawn of the Parliment buildings on Victoria Day...and I'm not sure why that just came to mind.:-)

I have: a pocket full of dreams

I dance: ummmmm...wildly, and not very well.

I sing: constantly
I don’t always: find the right words to express myself

I argue: I think fairly...and respectfully

I write: sporactically

I lose: not often. If I'm angry I tend to take a breath, and think before I open my mouth.

I wish: for all beings to be happy. Well, if you're going to wish, wish BIG,right.
I listen: far more openmindedly than I used too
I don't understand: the point of most rap music

I can usually be found: at home

I am scared: hmmmm...

I need: to be more adventurous
I forget: not a whole lot

I am happy: most of the time

Have a wonderful weekend...xo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Magic....

(Click to enlarge.)

Look what I happened upon this morning...much to my surprise!

Wishing for you...whatever it is you wish for...

Hope you have beautiful day...