Monday, November 30, 2009

(My favorite necklace by Jen)

I've been having a restless...shifting in my bones kind of feeling. I want to tell this girl in the mirror what to do next...I'm just not sure what to say to her yet. You would seriously think that after almost 41 years, I would know, right? Well, okay...perhaps not.

The other day I casually tossed the idea of a career change at my husband. I told him that I thought it would be something that I could be really good at. It's something I could meld my yoga teaching with. Jon just smiled, and agreed that it would be perfect for me,and that was it. I've just been sitting and mulling it over. It is one that would mean going to university...and I imagine a pretty heavy duty work load. It would mean major changes for our family if I went for it...especially since we have a son who will be graduating high school in the spring, and who also will need help with whatever he chooses to pursue.

I grew up in a family where one person's pursuit of their creative dream really caused hardship for everyone else, so I am especially sensitive to how my choices impact the ones I love.

I am nothing,if not true to my ways. I'm pondering the logistics of it... because I know there is a way. This is what I did for a long time before I went to school the last time, but in the end I just leap and went for it. So,in my heart of hearts...I know where this is leading...right, dear Universe?

(My latest painting...but I'm stuck on the name. Any ideas? :-)

And I guess I don't worry to's hard to when you feel so damn grateful for every moment of every day...I treasure days that are filled with love and the steadfast belief that things will just be as they are meant to be.

What is causing you to stir and dream today? I'd love to hear...

Peace & Love...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine...

(I shall preface this post by warning you that it's not all that exciting. :-)

(Baby clothes I made from vintage linens.My daughter outgrew these long ago.)

How are you? I guess I've been in one of those funky, transitional places. I've felt quiet...very quiet. But things are shifting. Especially creatively. You know that old ebb and flow...well, most definitely the tide is coming back in I am happy to say. I have been working like a wild woman around my home trying to get a handle on our clutter. I love how the moment to create space, you can breathe a little easier, don't you? (That sounds like the kind of line a yoga teacher would use. :-)

So last weekend it was the basement. We took five bags of fabric, and clothing to a local charity shop. Then on Wednesday I tackled my laundry room/ sewing room...and yesterday my studio. Another few bags of donations. Oh ya!

I am falling in love with my space all over again. I find this important because I both work, and live here. (Okay, let's just say I'm home a bit too much.) All this work has freed me to begin the oh-so long list of winter re-decorating projects that I've made...although I guess I will scratch off painting my studio robin's egg blue after my husband reminded me how fun it is to paint over red.

My favorite spot in my house right now is our dining area just off our kitchen. The footprint of the original kitchen was about 5x11...basically a closet. When we renovated we couldn't really expand the space any other way except to add on. So the actual working part of the kitchen is in it's original location, but we added a dining space/entryway. The garden doors flood it with light. It's furnished with cheap or free furniture and antiques...and my art...and a couple of weeks ago I strung coloured lights all along the perimeter. So, I thought I'd just share a few pictures on the gloriously sunny Friday...

One of my favorite things is the stacked antique butter boxes for shoe cubbies. The rustic benches were built by Jon using scrap wood, and the laundry room door is a salvaged front door from a house here in town.

Now I'm thinking that I could use some lovely Fiesta about eight different colours...Hmmmm...maybe one day. In the mean time, feel free to come by for tea anytime.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend...xo