Thursday, June 25, 2009


(Mantra Necklace by Liz)

Simple and true...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(My first Cosmo of summer...)

Hi there! How are you? I came here tonight feeling a little funky...and then I thought of this...

(Dar and I at in her neighborhood antique store...out of focus...:-)

A couple of weekends ago I did something that was a little monumental for me. be honest I kicked fear in the ass. I am forty. Yep...4...0. Anyway, I had never, ever taken a solo road trip. You see, I grew up in a family that never owned a car. Getting a licence...a car was never something I ever really thought about...until I was 30. I finally took the plunge, and got my licence...although I still didn't drive that much. So skipping ahead to these past few months...and this shifting (or mid-life crisis?) I've been feeling.

Some people buy sports cars...get tattoos...or end marriages when they hit this time of life, but me...I just wanted to hit the open road sooooo...lllloooo. I kissed my worried husband goodbye, popped in some tunes and started singing at the top of my lungs on the way to a city I didn't meet someone that I've never met in person.

So what happened? Nothing short of pure joy...I have come to not believe in coincidence. I believe that the people and circumstances that come into our lives for a reason...I believe that kindred spirits are drawn to each other.

After navigating my way through Edmonton's crazy busy Saturday traffic following Darlene's (excellent :-)directions I arrived at her sweet cottage, which is nestled on a charming street canopied by the most gorgeous elm trees. From the moment we met, I felt an instant warmth and familiarity. She is one of the most beautiful, genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting...and she has an equally lovely family. Her sister-in-law Suvarna was visiting from Vancouver, and the three of us had such a fun afternoon

It was such a happy day. I came home having connected with a friend. I experienced how being brave doesn't mean doing something without fear...I just didn't let the fear hold me back from doing what I wanted to do.(Huge step!)...and I came home with a couple of trinkets from the Anthropologie store to boot.

What's next??? Being the Wonder Woman that I will have to be conquering my fear of flying. It's kind of funny that I would have this fear...especially because I have been accused of living with my head in the clouds on more than one occasion...:-)

Love and light to you...