Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(My first Cosmo of summer...)

Hi there! How are you? I came here tonight feeling a little funky...and then I thought of this...

(Dar and I at in her neighborhood antique store...out of focus...:-)

A couple of weekends ago I did something that was a little monumental for me. Okay...to be honest I kicked fear in the ass. I am forty. Yep...4...0. Anyway, I had never, ever taken a solo road trip. You see, I grew up in a family that never owned a car. Getting a licence...a car was never something I ever really thought about...until I was 30. I finally took the plunge, and got my licence...although I still didn't drive that much. So skipping ahead to these past few months...and this shifting (or mid-life crisis?) I've been feeling.

Some people buy sports cars...get tattoos...or end marriages when they hit this time of life, but me...I just wanted to hit the open road sooooo...lllloooo. I kissed my worried husband goodbye, popped in some tunes and started singing at the top of my lungs on the way to a city I didn't know...to meet someone that I've never met in person.

So what happened? Nothing short of pure joy...I have come to not believe in coincidence. I believe that the people and circumstances that come into our lives for a reason...I believe that kindred spirits are drawn to each other.

After navigating my way through Edmonton's crazy busy Saturday traffic following Darlene's (excellent :-)directions I arrived at her sweet cottage, which is nestled on a charming street canopied by the most gorgeous elm trees. From the moment we met, I felt an instant warmth and familiarity. She is one of the most beautiful, genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting...and she has an equally lovely family. Her sister-in-law Suvarna was visiting from Vancouver, and the three of us had such a fun afternoon lunching...shopping...sharing...

It was such a happy day. I came home having connected with a friend. I experienced how being brave doesn't mean doing something without fear...I just didn't let the fear hold me back from doing what I wanted to do.(Huge step!)...and I came home with a couple of trinkets from the Anthropologie store to boot.

What's next??? Being the Wonder Woman that I am...it will have to be conquering my fear of flying. It's kind of funny that I would have this fear...especially because I have been accused of living with my head in the clouds on more than one occasion...:-)

Love and light to you...


PixieDust said...

Here's to brave, bold steps!!


I should frame that picture of you and Daisies-- two beauties with smiles as big as the world. How wonderful is that!


daisies said...

i love that i was included in your adventure :-) and i loved meeting and spending time with you!!!

and woo hoo ... flying! :-) xoxox

smith kaich jones said...

That sounds wonderful! I live in Texas, so of course have done solo road trips before, but lately I have this fantasy of buying a little travel trailer, decorating it just the way I want & taking little solo vacations, little gypsy treks. I have no money with which to do this, but I dream anyway. In the meantime - today? A speeding ticket!!

:) Debi

maddie said...

you guys look so KINDRED


Tammie Lee said...

Ah your adventure sounds wonderful! How great that you had a grand time with a new friend. I agree, wandering about doing things that are unfamiliar can be exhilarating. So fun that you did this!

Joan said...

I'm breathless... positively breathless.
How wonderful and brave you are!!
And the best part of all... you got to hug our beloved Dar.
Sigh, you too look so lovely together.
And CONGRATULATIONS on flying solo, I am so incredibly proud of you, and may your 40 be as incredible as mine was.

much love to you brave girl, much love.

kristen said...

beautiful photo of you and darlene. i'm really glad you took the plunge because i know it was an amazing visit. (=

megg said...

OOH, how about you visit ME?! I'm a plane trip away!!!!! Consider yourself invited!

SO jealous! I would love to play with you both!!

pERiWinKle said...

Yummy to hug Dar, hey? And yes! she is all you think she is...and more! So happy that you got to meet her! And congratulations on hitting the open road! Did you enjoy it? Did you feel empowered? Wow! I'm so proud of you xx