Thursday, September 4, 2008

(The last of my Sweet Peas...)

Today it is surprising how tenacious I am...
In spite of my obvious fragile nature.
I scoffed at last night's frost...
And today show off for the sun.
See me? Can you really see me?
All alight in my fuchsia blaze...
Look quick.
For soon I will be taken...
As the summer flickers...and fades.


daisies said...

:) beautiful!

you know, i have an errant iris that is just now starting to bloom, defying the cold with her purple blooms :)

luckily, we have avoided the frost thus far and my tomatoes still smile perky, tee hee

Anonymous said...

This year I planted magnolias, fuschia and a small rose bush... my sweet peas were planted too late in the season and never grew. Better luck next year :-)

Your sweet peas are lovely!!

Caroline said...

So beautiful! Glad I found your blog (through Rhayne). Love the picture.

blisswarrior said... fav color

Sacred Suzie said...

Fuschia blaze indeed! And what stunning words. "Rage against the dying of the light..." nature truly does that during autumn, interesting.

Thank you for seeing the mountain inside me. It's in you too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! You can sure write!

I've missed your posts, but am getting back into my blogging routine.

julochka said...

it still looks so green and vibrant, even in the background, it's hard to believe fall is coming!

Jaime said...

Gorgeous picture...beautiful little sweet peas...a nice way to say farewell to the summer months.
I can't believe how fast it went by!
But so looking forward to favourite time of the year.

Sweet little post.

pERiWinKle said...

Sweet Peas are my favorite!

and what a gorgeous gorgous photo! xx