Wednesday, April 2, 2008

~Portland Bound~

Well...tomorrow Jon and I are leaving for our weekend in Portland. This will be only the second time that we have left our kids in almost sixteen years I am sorry to say. The first time was last year. Honestly, this is something that we should have done more...especially when the kids were younger. I find it hard, as admittedly I am a little neurotic with planning...worrying..ugh! It is hard for me to go without a little apprehension...even though I know my kids are in the loving hands of their auntie, and have a whole fun weekend planned. I know once we get going I'll be alright, I'm just awful with goodbyes. We are driving...which will give us hours and hours to talk...and laugh...and dream. I'm looking forward to checking out this beautiful city a little bit more...uncovering treasures in the antiques shops.(Thanks for the leads Jen!)...And the real truth is, that in spite of my tendencies to worry...there is that part of me that is looking forward to casting my everyday routine aside for a few days to go on a little adventure...

I hope you have a wonderful...rejuvenating weekend!



Jennifer said...

Have the best time! I can't wait to hear all about it. Safe travels and love.xo~jen (ceanandjen)

Joan said...

love and traveling mercies to you and your beloved husband...

may you have a wonderful time in one another's perfect company :)

I'll be thinking of you!!

love and happiness....


PixieDust said...

How fun! Good for you to spend a little time with your honey - one on one.

We drive on all our vacations, also - some bonding time.

Have a wonderful time!


Del said...

Yes, buy lots of antiques for that new bathroom that I can't wait to see.

Jaime said...

Have an exciting adventure!
May you laugh together till you cry, and dream away the hours in bliss.
Time spent together is so precious.

Happy travels!

daisies said...

have a wonderful trip ~ getting away with your honey is the best!! and i personally LOVE a good road trip :) enjoy!! xo

pERiWinKle said...

yayyyy,,,,,,travel (and some lovin...) just opens the heart!!!!

Have fun! Be reckless! (yes!) and make memories!