Friday, May 29, 2009

Daydream Believing...

(...under our apple tree...)

I love blogging...I really do, and yet I keep struggling with it. So much has been changing that it's hard for me to deal with where it came from, or where it is going. I know somewhere along the line I decided that I didn't want to go through my life not really knowing myself. I decided that I didn't want to keep me tucked away. I also decided that I didn't want to just live on the surface...and it's hard to know how to share this...or know how much to share. I can say that the deeper I go, the more compassion and kindness I feel toward others...and yet, there is the fear that if I lay it out here, there are those who most certainly do not feel the same way. There are those who feel your feelings and views are fair game, and I have a tender heart. So I tread lightly here my friends...

This post was largely inspired by Stacy . Her post kind of stopped me in my tracks...I've been reflecting. I've been contemplating what to do next...and that is the problem. I know full well the joy that comes from bringing a dream to life...and I know I need to immerse myself in the doing. So I will start by spilling my dreams here...(and I prefer to state them as affirmations...because I just have not doubt about them...:-)

*I will earn my living teaching yoga and art. I will have a beautiful website created. I will write children's books...and poetry.

*I will continue studying, so much more...because I simply love the thrill of learning something new.

*I will live on a beautiful acreage in B.C. with my husband. We will build our own little cabin, and workshop...and grow old together creating. We will have huge gardens. I will have long grey braids, and a clothesline. It will be a magically special space that will be a legacy of love and joy for our family.

*I will continue to live my truth...

*and lastly...I will be able to stand on my head when I am eighty-six.

Now I'm reading back over what I just wrote...thinking it probably looks pretty simple...but honestly...those are my dreams. I think the last one it the most important for me, because if you are capable of standing on your head at eighty-six, how bad could your life possibly be? ;-)

(Bronwyn,2005,Acrylic on Canvas)

To move myself along I hung Jennifer Lee's business plan up on my livingroom wall today, and started working on it. I actually printed it off a few months ago, and it was collecting dust beside my computer.'s up on the wall...and being put to task...

And to echo Stacy's sentiment...I too, believe that pursuing our dreams...our passions...only serves to make this world and even more wondrous place.

Happy Weekend...xo