Thursday, April 30, 2009

39 Things....

(No.17 on a Spring hike.)

Inspired by this lovely's post I thought this would be a fun thing to help me ease back into blogging again...Be sure to check out her awesome project!

1. I am a child in a woman's body.

2. I love to watch 'Love Actually' so that I can cry at the end...the shots of people greeting their loved ones gets me everytime. I have watched Practical Magic several times purely to look at the house, and garden...the kitchen is to-die-for...and a garden by the sea? Come on...the things dreams are made of...I have watched Pride and Prejudice too many times just to hear the words...'Mrs. Darcy'.

3 . When I was younger (teens and twenties) I put off persuing any dreams because I believed something awful would have to me as a consequence.

4. I have been stalked.

5. I fell in love instantaneously with my husband...He had a good 'vibe'. It was our grade 10 Halloween dance. I was dressed as the 'bad' Sandy from Grease...and he was all bad-ass attitude.

6. I have studied Classical Guitar, and Classical Voice. (I'll sing for you...but I can't play guitar to save my life.)

7. I love to run.

8. My favorite yoga poses are headstand and tree pose.

10. I am a vegetarian living in cattle country.

11. I had a life-threatening complication after giving birth to my first son, which left me extremely weak, and in post-partum depression. It took me five years to get the courage to have another baby.

12. I love to drink tea and read in the bath.

13. I'm not convinced that 'thinking positively' is necessarily a positive thing.

14. I grew up on Vancouver Island, and would move my family back there in a heartbeat, if...(ya, there are lots of if's)

15. I have lived on the same street for almost twenty years, in two different houses. Both of them old...and both of them were purchased primarily because they had a good 'vibe'.

16. I am married to a strong man, who never questions me when I say something has a good 'vibe'. (So good...:-)

17. I love the smell of wet dogs, because I have an almost non-existent sense of smell.

18. I love art. Creating it...looking at it...reading about it...I recently was asked to come in and teach an art lesson to some grade 5 students...and I believe I ended up learning more than they did.

19. I have undergone major shifts in my beliefs and perspectives in the past few months...I have never felt more like 'me' in my whole life more than I do now...I am letting go of old fears...

20. I meditate every morning...There is nothing like that place of stillness.

21. When I was eighteen I was offered modelling jobs...and asked to be the lead singer for a crappy cover band. I turned down both because it would mean leaving home...(and I thought something bad would happen.)

22. I can't dance or turn a cart-wheel.

23. I avoid the news at all costs...

24. I've tried quitting coffee eight times, but I always return to my 'dark master'.

25. I believe in magic...because I have experienced it...

26. At 40, I am at my healthiest, and have never been in better shape.

27. I am passionate about love...kindness...recycling...composting...and creating the perfect dirt. (Seriously, I have been after that 'chocolate cake mix' texture for years.)

28. When I was fifteen I discover Sylvia Plath's poetry...I was captivated, and horrified by her story at the same time.

29. I am a romantic...I believe true love happens far more often than it is given credit...and that too much attention is paid to love gone awry...

30. Speaking of romance...I will visit Robinson Jeffer's Tor House and Hawk Tower soon...I discovered this place about twenty years ago, and have wanted to visit every since. The stuff of fairytales...

31. I can't swim...but I love canoeing and boats...and I will learn.

32. The most amazing place I have ever been was the Redwood Forest...I was awed and humbled by their beauty.

33. My favorite flowers are Cosmos, sweet peas, and gerbera daisies.

34. I have never been on an airplane (See #3) but I will....and I will visit the British Isles...

35. I like to enjoy a glass...or two...or three of red wine...especially Austrailian.

36. I'm not sure what my natural hair colour is anymore...but I think it's dark blonde.

37. My favorite food is fresh berries out of the garden...such a fleeting pleasure...

38. I prefer to wear handmade clothes and jewelry.

39. I can't believe I'm up way past my bedtime, and that I actually thought of this many things...:-)


Monday, April 6, 2009

....and the winner is....

Megg! Congratulations! I am sure you will find or create something beautiful to pay forward...:-)